Free Wallpaper

I will try my best to keep this little gallery of my favorite wallpapers updated. I know how some of my site visitors are quick to point out to me when I have been slacking (give me a break guys, I do have a full-time career!)

Lately, I have been obsessed with the wallpaper collection on WallpapersCraft. Most of the selections shown on this page will be from them, so don’t be surprised to see that.

I really tend to gravitate towards wallpapers that show a good depth of field. It seems to me that this invokes a sense of 3D space better than other types of images. That’s why it can be nice to use a desktop wallpaper. When you’re stuck inside all day, the depth of field that you’re used to is shallow at best! There’s nothing wrong with playing tricks on your eyes when it can put your brain at ease (even if it’s just a subtle escape of the harsh realities of the cubicle lifestyle).

Without any further fanfare, here are my current muses:

Plants On Windowsill Wallpaper

A very subtle, warm, and calming image. If you aren’t privileged enough to enjoy a workspace with a window, this may help you feel a little bit more appreciative of your working environment.

Closeup of Lizard Wallpaper

I love this little lizard. He reminds me of some of the ones that my wife and I saw on our trip to Cozumel that we took back in 2001. Those little things were happily scurrying all over the place. It’s fun to watch them sit and warm their green little bodies in the sun. This may be a small iguana, but I’m not sure. Maybe one of my readers with a better knowledge of reptiles can help me out with identifying this little guy.

Leaves on Stones

This beautiful image reminded me of the small walkway that my grandmother use to have going through the middle of her garden. My brother and I would wander into the garden to pick figs when grandma was napping. She would get angry at us for picking them too early in the year. But, we thought that they still tasted good – even though grandma said they weren’t ready.

Fire and Ashes Wallpaper

A small fire can be all it takes to get a group of friends together. It’s amazing to me how modern man still enjoys standing around a fire, just as human beings have for thousands and thousands of years! Is it that some things never change, or is it that humans have some deep and innate connection with fire? We may never know.

Fluffy Cat Wallpaper

A fluffy cat that reminded me of the cat that my neighbors have. It seems that their cat really prefers my companionship to theirs, seeing as how it spends most of its time sunning herself on my patio. It could also be due to the fact that I keep a little saucer of milk out for it, along with some fish scraps that we would have otherwise thrown out. That little cat sure does love fish!

Stunning Architecture

This stunning architecture is unlike anything I have seen personally. There’s something about bent wood that is very attractive. It could be due to the flowing lines or maybe it stems from an appreciation of how difficult it can be to get wood to bend in the way that you want it to. Every time I think about intricate woodwork, it brings back memories of the local church that my family went to in my early teen years. The town that I grew up in was not elaborate by any means. However, almost all of the people there took great pride in their faith. Several local craftsman spent many evenings at the church. They even hand carved several sculptures that were quite impressive, given the limited tools that they had available to work with.

Lemon Drop Wallpaper

I hated the taste of lemons as a child. My older brother worked on another orchard picking them (among several other fruits) when I was about 8 years old. He brought one home one day and sliced it open in front of me. He told me that I wouldn’t believe how sweet the fruit was. I enthusiastically cleaved a large chunk of the lemon off into my mouth, only to quickly realize that he was playing a trick on me. That striking, sour taste was very off putting! He laughed and laughed as I spit the piece of lemon out onto the ground. It took me several years to even consider tasting a lemonade after that day.

Tall Buildings from Below Wallpaper

Tall and sleek looking buildings. This is the image that I always held in my mind about America. Before I left Spain, America was something like a fairy tale to me. I spent many nights dreaming about what it would be like to travel to a place that’s so different from my home. I was scared, yet excited to find out for myself what this new world would be like for me.

Trees from Below Wallpaper

One thing that I regret about the last several decades of my life is that I haven’t spent enough time outside. After arriving in the United States and beginning to nurture my obsession of the fashion world, it seemed that there wasn’t much time left for spending time outside. I found myself outside for most of my life in my childhood. This was probably out of necessity more than anything. But, in my recent years, I have begun to feel a need for nature deep down in my bones it seems.

Lime Fruit Bowl Wallpaper

I didn’t share the same hatred of limes that I did with lemons as a kid. My grandfather used to bring me small, chewy lime candies from the local market – they were delicious. I wish that I could still find them today. I have searched online for them without much success. The only thing that I can remember about them is that there was a donkey with a red blanket draped over his back on the package. I’m hopeful that I will run across these someday.