Welcome to the Wallpaper Vault

I’m happy to you’ve found my website. If you’re here, that must mean that you know a thing or two about good design. Or maybe you don’t. (It’s okay if you’re a beginner to the whole design world.) No matter if you’re seasoned design expert or if you just appreciate some fresh new design eye-candy – then you’ve come to the right website.

I will try to my best to keep this site updated with the latest and greatest trends coming from many different places in the design world. If you’ve used Wallpaper Vault in the past, then you know that the site used to be all about desktop wallpapers. I have decided to shift the focus of the website to a more broad design focus because people just don’t take the time to enjoy desktop wallpapers like they used to. Maybe it’s because they’re so busy watching YouTube videos or working to even get a moment to gaze at their desktop screen in the first place!

It certainly isn’t my job to speculate on the reasons that desktop wallpapers aren’t as popular as they used to be. I’m not the type of person that will get upset over such things. Instead of crying about no one wanting my desktop wallpapers anymore – I have pivoted to something that I like much more! In addition to nice looking desktop wallpapers, I will be sharing my thoughts on a curated collection of my favorite designs. Some of the design inspiration that I post may be images that I have taken myself while out and about. The designs that I cover in my posts may also be from interesting images or videos that I have found while exploring the internet, looking for careful design that really gets my brain going!

Before I get into my regular posting, I imagined that it would be pleasant to cover a couple of the different types of design that I will looking into with my site visitors:

Architectural Design

Building design has always been inspiring to me. I supposed you could say that I’m inspired by functional design in general. Art is lovely and most people surely appreciate it. But, there’s something to behold about an object that not only looks nice, aesthetically, but is useful to the souls that come into contact with it.

Rustic Tiny Home Design
Credit: TinyHouseTown.net

When it comes to useful design, there is a new trend that I have found myself to be obsessing over in recent months. The tiny house movement is sustainable and down right enchanting! I’m enamored with tiny houses because of the great deal of careful thought and planning that needs to go into the design of every square inch. When you have such a limited amount of space, the designer needs to be painfully aware of how the entirety of the space will work together (with all of the necessary elements that a home must incorporate, of course.) I will be focusing a lot on the “tiny house movement” in the upcoming posts. In fact, if you’re a tiny house hater, then you might be best served to click away from my little website right now. (Only kidding.)

Fashion and Textile Design

Similar to the functional requirement that building design has, clothing also presents a strong demand for the functional. Clothing not only has to look nice, but it has to protect the wearer from the elements. Saying that clothing has to look nice is of course a gross oversimplification. Clothing is more than just a random aesthetic impulse from the user. It actually works as a communication device, of sorts. The types of clothing that a person chooses to wear sends a message to their friends, family, and the rest of the world that has the privilege to feast their eyes.

Stylish Leather Boots and Jacket
Credit: Notey.com

They say that you can gather a lot of information about a person from the types of clothing that they wear. I myself find that clothing is a good indicator of not only a persons social status, but also gives many clues on the approachability of a person. While a strangers clothing may be sending subliminal messages, it’s important to not judge too hastily (which I’m sure that you’re already aware of.)

I will be taking a lot of time to meticulously dissect fashion in a very visual sense. Meaning that I won’t spend too much time on the actual materials being used to produce the end product – but with more of an effort to try and gather the meaning of the message that clothing is sending. What type of emotion is the wearer of a leather jacket seemingly trying to convey? (for example.)

More Design, More Love

This is only a very small subsection of what I will be covering here in my blog. I know that people will bring to my attention that this is supposed to be all about WALLPAPER (hence the name, duh…). I do reserve the right to cover whatever I find my wavering interest settling on. Stay tuned, design fans, there will be plenty for you to feast your eyes on!